Sauer 100 Pantera XT 6.5 PRC, 22″ Barrel, Black Cerakote, Adjustable Cheek Piece Stock, 4rd


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J.P.Sauer & Sohn has been crafting a selection of high quality Rifles for 270 years with a dedication to creating a product that hunters and competitive shooters alike. One of their extensive models being the S100, the Sauer S100 is carefully machined with classical attention to detail and modern manufacturing techniques. Starting with the barrel which is cold hammer forged to give an excellent shooting and extended barrel life brings this rifle to where it consistently trough years of hunting. For a solid and easy lock up the S100 comes with a 3 lug bolt that allows for a mor comfortable 60 degree bolt rotation helping keep thumbs away from the scope making for a more comfortable shooting experience. Another nice feature is the adjustable trigger giving the shooter the option to better tailor the trigger pull to their like and making for a clean break. The action and barrel are then placed into the comfortable Pantera XT stock with Sauer’s Ever Rest bedding process the stock keeps the action on a solid foundation. And the S100 is Tapped to accept the common Remington 700 style mounts opening the possibilities for mounting optics. So if you want a rifle that an perform year in and out weather your stalking that next big buck or getting in some good target practice look at the J.P Sauer & Sohn S100.J.P. Sauer & Sohn USA Item Number: S1PAXT65P
Bolt Action Rifle
6.5 PRC
4 Rounds
22″ Threaded Cold Hammer Forged Steel Barrel with a 1:8 Twist
5/8×24″ Thread Pattern
3 Lug Bolt Head
60 Degree Bolt Lift
Tactical Cone Bolt Handle
Drilled and Tapped for Rem 700 Scope Bases
Removable Double Stack Mag
Adjustable Premium Trigger
Pantera XT Polymer Stock
SLing Studs
Black Stock Finish
Ever Rest Bedding
Premium Recoil Pad
Black Recon Finish
Weight: 7.8 lbs