Glock G42 Black .380 ACP 3.3-inch 6Rd Fixed Sights


Glock G42 Black .380 ACP 3.3-inch 6Rd Fixed Sights

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Glock 42 380 ACP Features:

Experience unparalleled shooting experience with the Glock G42 380 6R Fixed Sights with the Model UI4250201. This is the choice of millions across the world. It is not only sleek, but also very compact. Model UI4250201 is promising to deliver on accuracy. Unwrap your package of the best sights today. It is a Semi-automatic Double action pistol. 

Both the front and rear sights are very compact and are the dream of everybody who cares about his security. The manufacturer chose the best geometry of design. It is your moment to achieve a vast tactical advantage by purchasing this amazing Glock G42 380 6R Fixed Sights.

This model UI4250201 is most current. For once, you can make all your shots accurate at a very low price. And the color selection is very wide. 

Glock 43 vs Glock 42 Review Video

What is the difference between a Glock 43 and a Glock 42?

The Glock 43 is 9mm caliber, but the G42 uses a .380 cartridge. 380 is sometimes called a 9mm short because it is the same diameter, but shorter and lighter. Watch this video for more specs.

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Glock 42 380 Specifications:

  • Caliber: 380 ACP, Barrel Length: 3.25 “,
  • Frame/Material: Polymer,
  • Capacity: 6 Rd.